E-mail address request

Georgy A. Tavartkiladze caudio at sovamsu.uucp
Sun Jan 12 02:05:23 EST 1992

   I am a new subscriber of NEUROSCIENCE newsgroup and looking for 

E-mail addresses of colleagues whose interests are in the same or 

adjacent fields of research. Field of my interest is the physiology 

and biophysics of hearing. 

   Thanks in advance for any answer.

   SINCERELY YOURS                   


Gregory Frolenkov, Ph.D, Head of Department

All-Union Research Center for Audiology & Hearing Rehabilitation

Dept. Biophysics & Modelling of Hearing, 

Bakuleva st., 18, Moscow 117513, Russia.

Phone: (095) 433 27 65; Fax: (095) 433 27 53

E-mail: sovamsu!caudio at pandora.sf.ca.us



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