Baden de Bari baden at sys6626.bison.mb.ca
Thu Jan 9 22:00:26 EST 1992

ccx062 at cck.cov.ac.uk (Chris) writes:

> My fiancee is doing a project on neural nets for her final year BSC Hons,
> and would like as much information as possible for her final write-up.
> If anyone has documents/book titles/official papers etc etc
> could they mail me them, or give me an ftp address where I could grab them ??
> or even give me book titles that she could order....
> Your help would be most appriciated :-)
> 	-Thanx.....Chris (ccx062 at cck.cov.ac.uk)
> -- 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 			ccx062 at cck.cov.ac.uk
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     Hi there, could you please also refer me to the refferances that you 
recieved as well?  Thanks.

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