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Tue Mar 10 21:46:24 EST 1992

In article <4375 at cluster.cs.su.oz.au>, tom at minnie.cs.su.OZ.AU (Thomas James Jones) writes:
|> What is the current understanding of the operation of the brain?
|> I am a Computer Scientest, studying artificial Neural Networks, 
|> who believes that the brain holds the answers to many computing problems
|> tom j.jones

 I stand chastised. If somebody asked me the current development of Computer
Science I guess I would find that a little general.  Thankyou to those
of you supplying references, I shall certainly follow them up. 
For discussion on the Net, my basic questions would be
	1) Is 'knowledge' thought to be distributed or locally stored.
		(I would expect distributed, with some local elements)
	2) How much/What sections of the brain are activated for various tasks.
	 	(the two 'main' distinct classes of tasks I would describe 
		as Perception and Reasoning).
	3) For those with some understanding of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
		- to what extent does that technology mimic _potential_ reality,
		and for all of you, how would you suggest that our brain be
		simulated (by a computer).
	4) What evidence of RECURRENCY (feedback) is there in the activity of the brain with respect to a particular task. Personal view:
		tasks of perception are 'feed-forward' , do not require feedback
		tasks of reasoning do require feedback.
	[I have expressed this in terms of ANN terminology, I can clarify
	  if required]
vague questions:
	4) What is the _basic_ macroscopic & microscopic view on the brains
	5) What is perception? [in terms of the brain]
	6) What is reasoning?

	Hope this is more helpful, and thanks for all interest shown,


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