P C Knox pck at castle.ed.ac.uk
Tue Mar 10 08:50:17 EST 1992

tom at minnie.cs.su.OZ.AU (Thomas James Jones) writes:

>What is the current understanding of the operation of the brain?
>I am a Computer Scientest, studying artificial Neural Networks, 
>who believes that the brain holds the answers to many computing problems

>tom j.jones
	Well.....! Quite a question. The (partial) answer may be found in
standard Neuroscience textbooks (such as the one by Kandell and
Schwartz. Two more popular type accounts worth looking at are "Neuronal
Man" by J-P Changeux and "The Understanding of the Brain" by J.C. Eccles
(getting a bit old, but well worth a read). 
	It is refreshing to find a "computer person" who suspects that us
"brain people" might be on to something!  

Paul C. Knox.

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