Critiques of Neural Darwinism (Request For...)

Daryl Herbert Graf dhg at scs.carleton.ca
Mon Mar 30 19:49:30 EST 1992

I am looking for critical reviews of Gerald Edelman's 
theory of neuronal group selection. I have read the 
material in the attached bibliography and I would like 
to balance this with additional papers, analyses, 
observations, or opinions regarding this work from the 
connectionist, and neuroscience communities. In order
to avoid cluttering the news, I would ask those who 
wish to reply to do so directly to me. I will post
a summary in the near future. Many thanks in advance.

Daryl Graf
Study Group on Evolutionary Computing Techniques
School of Computer Science
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
email: dhg at scs.carleton.ca

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