Modelling and monitoring seizure activity

Rogene Eichler [mf12801] eichler at s21.msi.umn.edu
Sat Mar 28 13:05:10 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar16.124518.21662 at crc.ac.uk> dcurtis at crc.ac.uk (Dr. David Curtis) writes:
>I am interested (on behalf of a colleague) to learn of any software
>available for modelling epileptic seizure activity and to automatically
>scan EEG's for spikes, especially shareware and public domain programs. 
>I would like to know of any neural net or other software which can offer
>models of the processes involved in interictal and seizure activity,
>particularly the way which an epileptic focus can, under certain
>conditions, entrain other neurons to go on to produce a generalised fit.
>Dave Curtis

Contact Roger Traub at IBM or Richard Miles of Columbia U. They would 
probably know...

								- R

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