Survey/Tutorial Periodicals List

Sue J. Worden worden at ut-emx.uucp
Fri Mar 20 08:49:31 EST 1992

A few days ago, I posted a request for pointers to periodicals,
in which I could find survey and tutorial type papers of general
interest to the neurosciences community.  Here are the results,
for those of you who also are interested in such.

Thanks again to all who responded.

:Sue Worden (worden at emx.utexas.edu)

Periodical Title                        Library of Congress Call Number
-------------------------------         -------------------------------
Trends in Neurosciences (*)             RC 321 T74
Brain Research Reviews                  QP 376 B728
The Journal of Neuroscience             QP 351 J65
Seminars in Neuroscience (?)            unknown - don't have at UTexas
Current Opinion in Neuroscience (?)     unknown - don't have at UTexas

(*) mentioned by almost every respondent
(?) given title is probably correct but is unconfirmed

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