sci.cognition (was rfd sci.cognitive)

k p c kpc at pluto.arc.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 18 17:00:19 EST 1992

i would vote for a cogsci group, for several reasons.  (i make the
minor suggestion that it be named sci.cognition.)

i have been looking for a forum for cognitive science for some time,
but don't want to exceed the scope of current newsgroups.  in
particular i am interested in cognitive neuroscience.  many
constituent areas are represented, but i would like a cogsci group
whether or not cogsci is a mature or distinct field yet.  if nothing
else, we can talk about that question, with an interested audience!

sci.psychology is inappropriate because of its scope and,
unfortunately, because of the sort of non-psych threads that it
attracts (currently feminism, homosexuality).  there is some
discussion of psychology, but none of cognition per se.

bionet.neuroscience is having great neuro discussions, and people seem
willing to talk about related high-level issues, but it is probably
asking too much to start getting too cognitive on it.

i support the idea of a cognition group.

o i seek a housemate to share 1ac ~1200sf 2.5br in los altos hills.  email me.

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