Herbert M Geller PhD geller at rwja.umdnj.edu
Wed Mar 18 10:03:30 EST 1992

worden at ut-emx.uucp (Sue J. Worden) writes:

>Proceedings of the IEEE is a monthly publication that
>specializes in survey papers and tutorials of general
>interest to the electrical engineering community.

>Is there a similar publication for the neurosciences

Neuroscience is such a large field that survey papers are
published in many different places.  The "Trends" journals
are probably the most useful in this regard, publishing
short reviews and commentaries.  There are several, Trends
in Neurosciences, Trends in Pharmacology, Trends in Cell Biology
are the obvious places to look.  Annual Reviews will have
more in-depth articles.  Other than that, you could just
do a literature search on Medline with the topic you desire.

Herbert M. Geller
Director, Graduate Program in Pharmacology
Rutgers University

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