Saccadic eye-movement neurons

Joseph T. Devlin jdevlin at pollux.usc.edu
Sat Mar 14 19:28:17 EST 1992

I am doing some work on neural mechanisms of saccadic eye 
movements based upon van Gisbergen, Robinson, and Gielen's (1981)
model of saccade generation and I was hoping someone might be able
to point out any references relating specifically to biophysical
data on either (or both) omnipause neurons or medium-lead burst
neurons.  I am interested in any information relating to ionic
channels within these two neurons as well as any morphological
info on them.  If anyone is aware of this type of info I would 
greatly appreciate any references relating to it. Please send me email -
I can't imagine others in this group would be too interested in this

My thanks, in advance.

						- Joe Devlin
email:	jdevlin at pollux.usc.edu

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van Gisbergen, Robinson, and Gielen, (1981) "A Quantitative Analysis of 
Generation of Saccadic Eye Movements by Burst Neurons." J. Neurophys.
45: 417-442.

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