Mitch Amiano amiano at music.Kodak.COM
Wed Mar 11 15:11:23 EST 1992

|> 	It is refreshing to find a "computer person" who suspects that us
|> "brain people" might be on to something!  
|> Paul C. Knox.

Actually, there are a number of us.
The apparently favorable responses in this thread prompts me to ask
a question I've had but never had time to look into: 

   Is there a definitive structure to the pathways in the brain ? 
   In particular, has anyone found that the interconnections tend to form
   cubical or tetrahedral 3-D networks, or 2-D grids, or some other regular
   and/or assymetrical arrangement ?

I am interested in the impact of such a brain-derived structure on the 
development of data and object programming structures. 

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