Affecting hallucinations via other drugs

Daniel S. Efran de0t+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 9 08:45:33 EST 1992

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Allen Smith at yang.earlham (1371)

>         I started wondering what the effects of combining hallucinogens
> and pleasurable drugs would be. In other words, could one influence the
> course of the "trip" by taking other drugs along with it?

A 'friend' tells me that cannabis will intensify/modify the
effects of LSD quite pleasantly.  Not sure of the mechanisms
involved, but the result is more intense than the sum of the
two effects separately, though it is of that character.

Presumably other combinations have different effects, but
remember that alcohol can be dangerous to combine with
some other drugs.  It's probably physically ok with LSD or
similar chemicals (references, anyone?) but remember that
it's a depressant and can be very dangerous when combined
with, for example, other depressants.  I don't know the 
specific contraindications, but it's probably a good idea to
find out before experimenting.

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