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In article <1ca42rINN1g5 at calvin.usc.edu> alves at calvin.usc.edu (William Alves) writes:

   I've seen a lot of books about the brain and seeing, including studies
   on the visual cortex and the other parts of the brain involved, but is
   there anything comparable about the brain and hearing and the auditory
   cortex? Thanks.

One problem, as you probably know, if that much less is known about the
auditory system -- especially at the level of cortex. Nonetheless, I
commend two excellent books to you. The psychophysics ("hearing") of
audition is well covered in "An Introduction to the Psychology of
Hearing, 3rd ed."  by Brian C.J. Moore (Academic Press, 1989). The
physiology is reasobnably covered by "An introductio to the Physiology of
Hearing, 2nd ed" by J.O. Pickles (Academic Press, 1988). Those two should
start you off and give you background to explore the journals.

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