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Bruce Bathurst bathurst at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sat Oct 3 22:14:25 EST 1992

>I have a few small questions regarding brain health.

My knowledge of neuroscience is nil, but I did suffer from nearly continuous
migraine, until a neuropsychiatrist prescribed MAO inhibitors.

A slight implication in this thread is that headaches are not damaging to the
brain itself, and I'm not sure people meant to state that.  Certainly migraine
and other neurological headaches affect the brain abnormally, as one can read
in Sach's book of descriptions.

Though it is claimed that there is no statistical correlation between those
who have classical migraine and those who have temporal-lobe epilepsy, the
published descriptions of the auras appear identical to me.  So whether the
migraine itself causes long-term damage seems open.

BTW, Universities refused to treat my migraines.  Physicians just consoled me
with the statment that it was only a headache.  The first thing a consultant
did was examine an MRI for "tiny strokes" caused by the headache process

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