Affecting hallucinations via other drugs

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>>	Hello. I was considering the Hasashin (sp, I know), a group in the 
>>middle ages of assasins whose loyalty was insured through an interesting 
>>(and unethical) usage of drugs. The candidate was knocked out, placed in a 
>>lush garden-type setting with women (it was all-men), opiates, etc. 
>>available. They were then, after a fun time, knocked out again. They were 
>>told that if they died while completing a mission, they would be 
>>transported to this heaven forever.
>The account comes from Marco Polo who wrote about the story that was
>circulating some 70 years after Hassan's cult was wiped out.  The
>hashishim, according to more scholarly sources, derived their name
>from the saying that material things were no more important than
>grass.  The arabic word for grass is "hashish".  Actually, hashish
>was a commonly used intoxicant in the Arabic world -- alcohol was 

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