breakfast and brain health

Dag Stenberg stenberg at klaava.Helsinki.FI
Tue Oct 13 16:43:54 EST 1992

rs69 at cunixb.cc.columbia.edu (Rong Shen) writes:
: school who did not do well academically and all the graduates who had
: not received licenses for medical practice did not have the habit of
: eating breakfast. Since neurons are unable to metabolize proteins or
: other cell constituents, once the glucose concentration in the blood
: falls, the brain can not function to its full capacity.
Yes, but the liver can release glucose into the blood stream from its
stores, and does that quite effectively.

: its former glory. But the guy who posted the article about losing
: neurons in the lab instilled a vast fear in me: I am afraid that,
: having starved myself for four semesters, I have lost so many neurons
: that the dullness of my mind has become permanent, irrevokable by any
: healthy habits.
While regular eating habits are of advantage for full brain performance,
the risk of losing neurons because of not having breakfast seems slight.

Dag Stenberg, MD, PhD
Dept.Physiology, Univ.Helsinki,Finland

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