Multiple GABA receptors via modulated gene expression

James Olds olds at helix.nih.gov
Wed Oct 14 12:06:35 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct14.155858.2484 at Princeton.EDU> jwfost at rodin.Princeton.EDU (Joshua W. Fost) writes:
>I recently had a discussion about GABA receptors, and there was some
>interesting speculation about how the modulated gene expression for
>different subtypes of GABAA, especially, could lead to very funky
>kinds of plasticity. GABAA is a tetramer, with subunits alpha, beta,
>By the way, most of my references are from TIPS articles, and a great
>book by Barnard & Costa, "Allosteric modulation of amino acid
>receptors." Or something like that. 
That is very interesting because our laboratory has a paper in press
at PNAS which shows a GABAergic synpase going from inhibitory to
excitatory based upon the past history of the post-synaptic neuron
(somewhat analogous to NMDA but carrying it a step further). This
oberved change however is very rapid (i.e. after several stimulus
pairings) but can be extremely long lasting (ie. days).

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