Cerebro-spinal fluid in semen? (Was Re: breakfast ...)

Kevin J. Cherkauer cherkaue at zomma.cs.wisc.edu
Fri Oct 16 13:16:15 EST 1992

In article <=k3z#y#@rpi.edu> pinelr at marcus.its.rpi.edu (Rob Pinelli) writes:
>                     When you have an orgasm, the parasympathetic branch
>takes over, flushing your vasocongested areas, slowing your heart rate to 
>normal, slowing your breathing, constricting your blood vessels, etc.  This
>global "slowing down" mechanism is why you feel sleepy after having an orgasm.

To my knowledge (but don't ask me for sources!), orgasms also trigger the
release of significant amounts of endorphins and, I think, enkephalins (sp)
into the bloodstream. These are your body's natural opiates -- very closely
related to narcotics, and having similar effects. In addition to all the other
things people have posted, this also contributes to those lazy, blissful,
dreamy poist-coital sensations.

Kevin Cherkauer
cherkaue at cs.wisc.edu

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