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In article <1992Oct16.165052.23986 at zip.eecs.umich.edu> cdhohnke at quip.eecs.umich.edu (Carsten Hohnke) writes:
>While my assumption is that this topic has come up before, I was unable to
>find a FAQ posting for this newsgroup.  So here goes:
>What is the opinion out there on where the quality neurosci. grad. programs
>are?  I'd like to exclude cellular and molecular neurobiology from
>A separate, but related question:  Are there people out there, other than
>at the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, approaching problems in   
>neuroscience from within the context of Gerald Edelman's TNGS?
>Thanks in advance.  

I see you are from UofM which is where I got my degree. All in all
the Neuroscience PHD program at Michigan was an excellent experience...
and it directly led to me obtaining a tenure track position at NIH
without a postdoc. On the other hand I mainly do cellular neurobioloogy...
which you seem to want to exclude. Specifically I am into imaging changes
in protein kinase C within living cells.

Our laboratory at NIH is very interested in some of the same issues as
Edelmann, but I think we disagree with some of his assumptions at a 
fundemental level. If you are intersted in some reprints, contact me
directly by e-mail.

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