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Scott Buckley theron at reed.edu
Sun Oct 18 09:37:00 EST 1992

ep writes:

>>Perhaps this group could become moderated to filter out the pop culture noise.

>Is this really necessary? [...] [S]ome users may have
>technical difficulties posting to moderated groups. And, the
>correspondence being as sparse as it is here, we don't want to
>lose any potential posters.

I completely agree.  Also, depending on how busy a moderator is,
postings can take 24 or even 48 hours longer to be distributed
in a moderated group (i.e., until the moderator gets around to reading

Lately, I've been using e-mail to reply to "serious" requests
for journal references, etc, in an attempt to save bandwidth.
I plan to start posting replies from now on.

I also confess to being intrigued by some of the "pop culture"
threads lately. (Mostly curious about what beliefs may be out
there, but anecdotal accounts aren't useless as long as one
takes each _sui generis_.  I'm just careful about generalizing
from them.)  But this is just personal taste: for those who do
want to filter out noise, remember: in most news software,
'n' skips the current posting; 'k' kills the thread.  'K' starts
a 'kill file,' which should supress the thread for all time.
If you get this group by mail, you can just look at the subject

Scott Buckley
R. S. Dow Institute of Neurological Science
Portland, OR  USA

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