Cerebro-spinal fluid in semen? (Was Re: breakfast ...)

Brandon Brylawski brandon at caldonia.nlm.nih.gov
Mon Oct 19 11:14:32 EST 1992

pete at cssc-syd.tansu.com.au (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
: There are two rationales proposed in the Taoist literature to explain the
: phenomenon, and I'm not sure that I buy either of them. The first is that
: semen is 20% cerebro-spinal fluid, so if you ejaculate it your brain and
: spine kind of sag, and that's why males want to go to sleep after ejaculation.
: The second is that your various organs and vessels spend 30% of their time
: just replacing lost semen, so if you don't lose any then they've got plenty
: of extra time to make you healthy. The argument goes that this doesn't apply
: to celibates on account of their bodies adapt over time to not manufacturing 
: semen.

Goodness! Wherever did you get this literature? Semen is composed of Seminal
Fluid and sperm. Sperm is made in the testicles, while seminal fluid is made
in the seminal vesicles, two small glands attached to the vas deferens on
wither side. The seminal vesicles have no other known function; the testes,
of course, produce testosterone, but this does not seem to vary with frequency
of sex or ejaculation. The cerebrospinal fluid has no connection whatever
with ejaculation, and a good thing too: Even the removal of a few cc's of CSF
can give you a terrific headache due to traction on the meninges (the 
membranes around the brain and spinal cord), which is why they have you lie 
down after having a spinal tap. I'm glad you're skeptical about these ideas;
they are looney.

Brandon Brylawski

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