Cerebro-spinal fluid in semen? (Was Re: breakfast ...)

Esa-Pekka P{lvim{ki eepee at polaris.utu.fi
Mon Oct 19 15:37:50 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct19.161432.10922 at nlm.nih.gov> brandon at caldonia.nlm.nih.gov (Brandon Brylawski) writes:
>pete at cssc-syd.tansu.com.au (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
>: There are two rationales proposed in the Taoist literature to explain the
>: phenomenon, and I'm not sure that I buy either of them. The first is that
>: semen is 20% cerebro-spinal fluid, so if you ejaculate it your brain and
>: spine kind of sag, and that's why males want to go to sleep after ejaculation.
>: The second is that your various organs and vessels spend 30% of their time
>: just replacing lost semen, so if you don't lose any then they've got plenty
>: of extra time to make you healthy. The argument goes that this doesn't apply
>: to celibates on account of their bodies adapt over time to not manufacturing 
>: semen.
>Goodness! Wherever did you get this literature? Semen is composed of Seminal
>Fluid and sperm. Sperm is made in the testicles, while seminal fluid is made
>in the seminal vesicles, two small glands attached to the vas deferens on
>wither side. 

These contribute about 1/3 of semen, the prostate contributes the rest.


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