Cerebro-spinal fluid in semen? (Was Re: breakfast ...)

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In article <1992Oct15.052050.10038 at cssc-syd.tansu.com.au>, pete at cssc-syd.tansu.com.au (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
> rs69 at cunixb.cc.columbia.edu (Rong Shen) writes:
>>	This is the story. A reporter for a newspaper wrote that a
>>doctor in Japan did some clinical research on the corelation between
>>productivity and breakfast; he found that all the students in medical
>>school who did not do well academically and all the graduates who had
>>not received licenses for medical practice did not have the habit of
>>eating breakfast. Since neurons are unable to metabolize proteins or
>>other cell constituents, once the glucose concentration in the blood
>>falls, the brain can not function to its full capacity.
> I don't know if this is so, but I have a related question. I've begun 
> practicing the Taoist semen retention techniques mentioned in the alt.sex
> FAQ, and just as described there I have noticed a fantastic increase in
> mental alertness and physical stamina. 
> There are two rationales proposed in the Taoist literature to explain the
> phenomenon, and I'm not sure that I buy either of them. The first is that
> semen is 20% cerebro-spinal fluid, so if you ejaculate it your brain and
> spine kind of sag, and that's why males want to go to sleep after ejaculation.
> The second is that your various organs and vessels spend 30% of their time
> just replacing lost semen, so if you don't lose any then they've got plenty
> of extra time to make you healthy. The argument goes that this doesn't apply
> to celibates on account of their bodies adapt over time to not manufacturing 
> semen.
> An obvious alternative explanation is that the effect is purely psychosomatic, 
> that it is a placebo effect. I'd subscribe to this if it weren't for the fact 
> that I have empirical evidence of the phenomenon. 
> See, I am a regular 'rave' participant - a rave is a prolonged intense 
> dance party. Before beginning to retain I was unable to last for more than 
> four hours at a rave before physical fatigue did me in, and for a day or 
> more afterwards I would be good for nothing but sleep. The only way I could
> better this was with the popular varieties of artificial stimulants, which
> I'd rather avoid on account of their illegality and assorted risks.
> I've been to three raves since beginning to retain, and on each occasion I
> was able to last in excess of seven hours, most recently for a complete ten
> hour party. I took no drugs of any kind, slept for only six to eight hours 
> after, and felt and was fit and able after sleeping, bar the odd fatigued 
> muscle and ringing eardrum. I'm thirty years old and not fantastically fit, 
> I haven't regularly exercised in six months, and so I think the improved 
> stamina and alertness can only be attributed to the semen retention. Friends 
> of mine have experienced similar effects from the practice.
> So, what say, doctors and neuroscientists? Are the two rationales above
> at all sensible? Is there an acceptable physical explanation? What's the story?
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I'm so glad to see this in sci.skeptic (finally).   It's shown up in a lot of 
other newsgroups, but out of all of the postings, none of the men who've master 
this live in D.C., and I was becoming skeptical myself.


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