Statistical data to test Neural Networks required

Mauricio Chavarro chavarro at cs.tulane.edu
Mon Oct 26 22:00:28 EST 1992

Hi Everybody:

I am Graduate student in Comp. Science at Tulane University. This semester,
in the Neural Networks course, I need to compare some supervised vs. 
unsupervised learning networks. To do this we require some real data. 
For example: correlation between input and output of some function (not 
neccesary neurological). We don't require  anything about the functionality or
rules of the system, just the data. The networks should infer (Learn) the 
function with enough accuracy.

I appreciate if someone can provide some statistics and the context 
description where the information is used. I promise to give to that person
copy of the work.


Mauricio H Chavarro

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