neuron-silicon interface?

Paco Xander Nathan pacoid at wixer.cactus.org
Sat Oct 31 02:26:43 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct31.032113.4145 at wixer.cactus.org> wizard at wixer.cactus.org (John P Onorato) writes:
>In article <1992Oct29.044209.18536 at news.yale.edu> FRICHARD at biomed.med.yale.edu (Frank Richardson) writes:
>>Hello all,
>>Just curious, does anyone know of research into interfacing neurons and silicon
>>chips? I'm very serious. I am interested in exploring possibilites for neurons
>>communicating with electronics and vic-versa. 
>Well, I don't know if this is EXACTLY what you're looking for, but there 
>is a very interesting article in the current issue of Mondo 2000 about
>a gadget that you can hook up to your Mac, and have it read your brain-
>waves -- sort of a pritmitive EEG type thing.

OK, I resemble that remark..  The device is called IBVA.  You can get lots
more info by 1) buying the zine and checking out the specs, 2) listing the
full text version I've left on the "mondo" conference on the WELL, or 3)
sending email to one of the US distributors: tchilds at well.sf.ca.us (Timothy

IBVA translates EEG data (read off a portable/radio headband) into alarms,
events, MIDI, control signals, etc.  Works nicely for controlling certain
background parameters and/or graphics.  The real-time 3D graphix allow a
user to setup very complex thresholds and filters with a minimum of work.
Costs under $1K.

Paco Xander Nathan

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