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Stephen Anderson anderson at sapir.cog.jhu.edu
Thu Apr 1 17:19:52 EST 1993

I've posted a couple of notes in the past describing the Department of
Cognitive Science here at Johns Hopkins, but we don't seem to have
gotten onto all of the lists of such programs. Which is too bad, since
we're one of the few Cognitive Science Departments (as opposed to
interdepartmental programs) around. 

The Department (like most at Hopkins) is rather small, consisting of
five core faculty: Alfonso Caramazza and Mike McCloskey in Cognitive
Neuropsychology, Steve Anderson and Luigi Burzio in Linguistics, and
Michael Brent in Computer Science/AI/Computational Linguistics. As you
can see, our focus is on language, but not at all exclusively. There
are also a number of other adjunct faculty from a variety of
Departments (including Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, and
Neurosciences at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions) who teach course
in (and around) our program. We have close relations with the Krieger
Mind/Brain Institute (in the same building), whose academic programs
in the neurosciences are developing rapidly. Besides an undergraduate
major in Cognitive Science, we offer a Ph.D. program.

For further information, contact any of the faculty at the addresses
below (if it's intellectual information you're after) or our
departmental assistant Ms. Mary Rupp, Dept. of Cognitive Science,
Krieger Hall, The Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles Street,
Baltimore, MD 21218 (if it's forms, departmental brochures, admissions
procedures, etc. that you're after: you can also reach her at
<mary at mail.cog.jhu.edu>).

--Steve Anderson [Chair, Dept. of Cognitive Science, JHU]

Stephen R. Anderson <anderson at sapir.cog.jhu.edu>
Michael Brent <michael at mail.cog.jhu.edu>
Luigi Burzio <burzio at mail.cog.jhu.edu>
Alfonso Caramazza <caram at broca.cog.jhu.edu>
Michael McCloskey <m_mcclos at jhuvms.hcf.jhu.edu>

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