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Loren Frank frank at s7.msi.umn.edu
Thu Apr 1 13:01:42 EST 1993

    I am an undergraduate and I am looking for information on graduate programs
in cognitive neuroscience. (I think I am interested in doing biologically
realistic computer models of cortical function, but that is certainly not
finalized.) At present I have the following list of schools: MIT, Carnegie
Mellon/Pitt, UCSD, Harvard, University of Arizona Tuscon, and Boston 
University. If anyone has any other recommendations, I would really appreciate
   In addition, if anyone has any personal impressions as to the atmosphere
at any of those places, I would be very interested in hearing about them as 

To save bandwidth, please mail me at 
frankl at mathcs.carleton.edu or
frank at s1.msi.umn.edu

If anyone wants a summary of the information I recieve, let me know.


Loren Frank

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