Subscription and Question

Santiago Molina molina at fsu1.cc.fsu.edu
Thu Apr 1 23:45:49 EST 1993

I just tapped in to this network group for the first time, I would also 
like to subsribe to it (I'm new at this E-mail business).  
I also have a question if I may.  Is there a relationship between LHRH 
(GnRH) and Prolactin.  I'm interested in finding some information and 
references to how one might affect the other especially in male rodents.  
For example, Hyperprolactinemic male rats exhibit low levels of LHRH, is 
this because of the high levels of Prolactin?  On the other hand I would 
like to find out if low levels of LHRH would increase Prolactin levels.
Thanks in advance

Santiago Molina
Department of Biology
Florida State University

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