Searching for Public Domain Brain & Neuron Databases

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Tue Apr 6 09:51:53 EST 1993

In article <80425 at apple.apple.COM>, phughes at Apple.COM (Peter Hughes) writes:
>         I am looking for publically accessible sources of data depicting brain
> and neuron functions.  Especially interesting would be volumetric data from
> brain scans, electromicographs, and so forth.  Please email me and let me know
> if you know of such.

You should try contacting Dr. Joseph Martin (San Francisco?) or Dr. Floyd Bloom
(Scripps, La Jolla) who are directing the Mapping the Human Brain Project.

Dr. Bloom has already done something similar in the rat brain called Brain

C.J. Gibson
University of Western Ontario
Dept. of Pathology


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