Membrane depolar. diff. tween transient and stable?

Michael Holloway ak949 at yfn.ysu.edu
Mon Apr 5 19:34:39 EST 1993

Does anyone know of an example of a reporter construct that can not be
regulated in qualitatively the same manner in transient assays as in assays
of a stably transfected line?  Or vice versa for that matter?

I have a CAT reporter that I'm electroporating into PC12 cells.  I am
utterly failing to reproduce results due to membrane depolarization published
with a stable transfection of the same construct.  I'm mystified and wondering
whether it's worth pursuing.  Any clues welcomed.

Michael Holloway
E-mail: mhollowa at ccmail.sunysb.edu (mail to freenet is forwarded)
phone: (516)444-3090

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