grad. programs in cog. sci.

Tom Holroyd tomh at BAMBI.CCS.FAU.EDU
Wed Apr 7 10:21:18 EST 1993

Since there have been a number of requests for information on
graduate programs in cognitive science, I direct your attention
to a list specifically for cognitive science related items:



this list is an informal, relatively low-volume way to discuss matters at
the interface of cognitive science and neuroscience.

the discussion will be scientific and academic, covering biological aspects
of behavior and cognitive issues in neuroscience.  also discussable are
curricula, graduate programs, and jobs in the field.


please follow these examples exactly, so that my software works.

to SUBSCRIBE, send mail like this.

	To: cogneuro-request at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
	Subject: cogneuro: subscribe

to UNSUBSCRIBE, send mail like this.

	To: cogneuro-request at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
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you don't need to put anything in the body of the message.  there will be
no automatic confirmation, but you might get a note from me.

to CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (also very polite to do if you know that your
MACHINE WILL GO DOWN for a while, or in case you LEAVE THE NET) simply
unsubscribe from your old address and resubscribe from your new address.
(you can put a note to the effect that that is what you are doing in the
subject line after the "subscribe" if you want to be sure.)  this prevents
error messages and partially prevents me from having to verify your address

to POST (send a message to everybody on the list), send mail to
cogneuro at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov, or followup to an existing message.


	To: cogneuro at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
	Subject: corpus callosum

to ask a METAQUESTION, send it to cogneuro-request at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov.
suggestions for improving this announcement or the list are welcome.


the language of the list is english.

the list is meant to be low in volume and high in s/n ratio.

controversy and speculation are welcome, as are noncontroversy and rigor.
since the emphasis is scientific and academic, participants are expected to
be extremely tolerant of other participants' opinions and choice of words.
since cogneuro is a huge field, submissions shouldn't be too off-topic or
otherwise not essentially scientific or academic.

the list is initially open to anybody who is interested.  although i don't
expect ever to need to exercise it, i reserve the right to remove anybody
from the list if there are problems.  i want to keep a spirit of free
exchange of cognitive neuroscience.

other than this, the list is unmoderated and informal.

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