retrograde messengers?

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In article <1993Apr3.032038.14001 at Princeton.EDU> gsanders at atbat.Princeton.EDU (Gillian Denise Sanders) writes:
>Hi. I am currently working on my undergraduate thesis on neural networks and  
>mathematical models. I have been using the backpropagation algorithm and have  
>noticed several references to its biological impausibility as one main  
>disadvatage. I am taking a brain course and our professor mentioned retrograde  
>messengers , nitric oxide and"back talking" in methods of learning such as  
>classicalical conditioning. To me this would seem to suggest that perhaps the  
>backpropagation method is not entirely biologically implausible...does anyone  
>have any information about this topic or else any references to papers which  
>discuss retrograde messengers and its backward synaptic directions? Thanks in  
>advance. Gillian Sanders

Backprop involves an external *teacher*, whereas the weight change via
Nitric Oxide is a local phenomena more akin to a Hebbian type network.
Perhaps a more plausible backprop analogy might be found in the cerebellum
where an error signal is thought to originate from the climbing fibers
(inferior olivary nucleus). 

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