Evolutionary Advantage?

M. Jane Harper jharper at ITSA.UCSF.EDU
Sat Apr 10 22:51:38 EST 1993

I'm not sure this question fits in *any* BIONET section, but it came up in
my neuro course, so here goes ...

Can anybody explain what evolutionary advantage may lie in manufacture of
neuropeptides my subtraction?  That is, why make a B  I  G     L  O  N  G
peptide and then whack off little pieces of it until Mama Nature gets 
what she needs?  Is there an evolutionary advantage?  If so, what?

Here endeth my wise-*ss question of the week.  Thanks in advance.

Jane Harper
Doctoral Student, Neuroscience/Nursing
University of California at San Francisco
jharper at itsa.ucsf.edu

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