Temporal Processing in Retina?

Claudius Schnoerr schnoerr at ipesun.rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Apr 15 03:23:29 EST 1993


I know, that the retina reduces the spatial information (decorrelation).
Are there also some experimental facts about temporal processing 
and information reduction in the retina?

Have the neurons (perhaps the motion-sensitive amacrine cells) some 
kind of memory? Or is there some recursive processing in the layers of the
retina? Or play transmission times through nerve fibers a role?
(The literature I read so far about the retina gave no answers)

Has someone measured the answer to a step-function or the temporal
filter function par example, if possible?

(If the retina make no temporal processing, where could this processing 
take place?)

I would be thankful for all hints and literature references. 

Please e-mail to
   schnoerr at ipe.e-technik.uni-stuttgart.dbp.de

Many thanks


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