Event-related potential analysis methods

mdspre at vmsa.technion.ac.il mdspre at vmsa.technion.ac.il
Thu Apr 15 04:53:37 EST 1993

A colleague is interested in books or review articles which provide
explanations of the various techniques used to analyze event-related
(/evoked) potentials.  In particular, she needs information
comparing/contrasting the methods and results of pricipal-component
analysis and single trial analysis.  Of lesser importance, but also needed,
is information on the methods used for frequency/power spectrum analysis
(Fourier and Maximum Entropy Methods), in particular details of the artifact
problem present in Fourier analysis when analysing small time windows
(~500 msec) of data.
Elliot Sprecher, Ph.D.
Experimental Psychologist, Research Coordinator
Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology
Rambam Medical Center
Haifa, Israel

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