Question: Spontaneous activity

Robert Pallbo robert at dna.lth.se
Fri Apr 16 05:30:31 EST 1993

Question on spontaneous activity.

I am a research student in cognitive science. My research
area is neural networks for modelling biological and artificial
processes. Recently I constructed a model of visual direction 
selectivity (paper available) that makes use of spontaneous
activity in the network. This property made it possible to 
construct a network with a rather low complexity to carry out
the task. I have searched the literature for papers discussing
spontaneous activity as it occurrs in the mammal brain, especially
the cortex, but I have found only a few. Therefore I would be very
grateful to receive references on this topic from the readers of
this newsgroup.

 Robert Pallbo
 Lund University Cognitive Science
 S-223 50 LUND
 e-mail: robert.pallbo at dna.lth.se


Robert Pallbo

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