MS-222 and fish

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Tue Apr 20 14:40:31 EST 1993

Raymond E. Hulse writes:

>I need to use MS-222 (Tricaine Sp?) to anaesthetize some convict
>cichlids for an experiment but am not sure of the dosage.  I have had a
>few suggestions but I would really like to be as certain as possible.
>If anyone could provide any suggestions or advice it would be greatly
>appreciated.  Additionally, do I need to be concerned with paralyzing
>the respiratory tract of the animal if I use this drug?  I haven't heard
>any information that would confirm this.  However, the few people that I
>have talked to are at most slightly familiar with it's uses and almost
>ignorant of it's affects on fish.

   Try David Randall or David R Jones (or their pubs or their grad
students/postdocs) at the University of British Columbia.  They do this all
the time, especially Randall's group.  Unfortunately I only have Dave Jones
#(604 228 4228), but someone there can transfer you to Randall's lab if you
need to be.


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