MS-222 and fish

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In article <93109.233112U29242 at uicvm.uic.edu> <U29242 at uicvm.uic.edu> writes:
>I need to use MS-222 (Tricaine Sp?) to anaesthetize some convict
>cichlids for an experiment but am not sure of the dosage.  I have had a
>few suggestions but I would really like to be as certain as possible.
>If anyone could provide any suggestions or advice it would be greatly
>appreciated.  Additionally, do I need to be concerned with paralyzing
>the respiratory tract of the animal if I use this drug?  I haven't heard
>any information that would confirm this.  However, the few people that I
>have talked to are at most slightly familiar with it's uses and almost
>ignorant of it's affects on fish.
>Thanking in advance,
>Raymond E. Hulse
>u29242 at uicvm.uic.edu

MS-222 is widely used in British Columbia to anesthetize salmonids and other
fish.  I cannot remember the exact dosage that I used to use or the phone
numbers, but if you contact John Ketcheson at the Pacific Biological Station,
Government of Canada, Nanaimo, BC he will be able to give you some useful
advice.  (Sorry about the phone number but I really cannot remember and it
is a LITTLE difficult to look it up from here :)  I *THINK* the dosage was
in the order of 0.05 g MS-222 / 5 l (sea)water, but DON'T quote me on that !

- Dorothy

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