Proposed Library of Neurophysiological Signals

Doug Knowles aj383 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Mon Apr 26 13:01:15 EST 1993

I am planning the creation of a networked library of neurophysiologic 
signal data.  I am posting this article to determine the level of 
interest in such a library and to get a list of names and e-mail 
addresses of people who might find such a library useful.

The purpose of this proposal is to provide a network resource library of 
well defined, anatomically mapped neurophysiologic signals, both 
clinical and experimental, recorded from normal and abnormal humans and 
rats.  These signals will include scalp and invasive EEGs from humans 
and experimental EEGs, field potentials, single cell recordings and 
single channel recordings from animals.  I will additionally develop two 
specific research applications utilizing this resource:  nonlinear 
dynamical (chaos) analysis and control of epileptogenic activity, and 
functional mapping of neocortex using subdural electrode arrays.

Some of the benefits of such a database would be the enhancement of 
teaching and development of clinical EEG diagnosis, the improvement of 
investigational collaboration between practicing scientists, clinicians, 
and theorists.  My experience has been that the theorists are starving 
for good experimental data, both for choosing parameter values of models 
and for judging the output of the models.  Experimental data are also 
needed by investigators developing nonlinear analytic techniques.  
Standard benchmark data would be useful for development and comparison 
of software and hardware for display, analysis, and diagnosis of 
neurophysiologic signals.

The database will need some search/query engine.  I expect that a Gopher 
server would be the minimal query engine needed to get started.  Some 
more powerful interactive search engine would obviously be better.

If this resource would be of interest to you, please respond to me by 
E-mail at the address below.  I am interested in discussions about 
exactly what signals would be of use, what formats the signals could be 
in, and how anatomic mapping might be incorporated into the database.  
The problems of quality control, recognition of sources, and ensuring 
valid collaboration need addressing.  

I am posting this message to a number of newsgroups.  Lets keep the main 
discussion limited to bionet.neuroscience, which I will monitor.  Please 
edit the "Newsgroups: " header line to include only "bionet.neuroscience" 
when replying to this posting.
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Departments of Neurosciences and Neurology
Cleveland Clinic Research Institute
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 USA

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