Proposed Library of Neurophysiological Signals

Doug Knowles knowled at ccsmtp.ccf.org
Thu Apr 29 13:03:07 EST 1993

In article <1rh81b$6hk at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> knowled at ccsmtp.ccf.org (Doug Knowles) writes:
>I am planning the creation of a networked library of neurophysiologic 
>signal data.  I am posting this article to determine the level of 
>interest in such a library and to get a list of names and e-mail 
>addresses of people who might find such a library useful.
>If this resource would be of interest to you, please respond to me by 
>E-mail at the address below.   
>I am posting this message to a number of newsgroups.  Lets keep the main 

I have received a huge response to my initial posting.  I have over 50
names on my mailing list so far.  I am collating the responses and will
mail them out in a day or two.  I am initiating experimental transfer
of EEG data files and am beginning to define methods of addressing the
major concerns about quality control and attribution of credit.  The
data file format remains to be decided, but it will probably be either
straight ASCII with a text header, or American Society for Testing and 
Materials (ASTM) Standard E1467-92 "Standard Specification for Transferring
Digital Neurophysiological Data Between Independent Computer Systems,"
which is a defined ASCII format.  The European EDF90 (European Data
Format) has also been suggested.

Send me your name, E-mail address, postal address, phone and FAX numbers,
and areas of interest to be included in the Neurophysiological
Signals Library mailing list.

Further discussion should take place on bionet.neuroscience and sci.bio
(some sites cannot get bionet.neuroscience.)

W. Douglas Knowles, Ph.D.  INTERNET:knowled at ccsmtp.ccf.org
Departments of Neurosciences and Neurology
Cleveland Clinic Research Institute
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 USA

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