musical processing

William Calvin wcalvin at stein.u.washington.edu
Mon Aug 23 19:21:01 EST 1993

aboyt at tartarus.uwa.edu.au (Adam Boyt) writes:

>I am currently doing some research on the processing of musical
>information by the brain.

>Does anyone know of any articles, essays, or books on the processing of
>musical information (preferably from a neuroanatomical rather than
>psychological viewpoint)?  Failing this, does anyone know of anyone who is
>doing work in this area I could contact (if possible include their email


>Adam Boyt (aboyt at tartarus.uwa.edu.au)

There are several books, MUSIC AND BRAIN, etc.  There is even single unit
recording from human brain, the paper by Creutzfeldt and Ojemann that's in
Experimental Brain Research in 1987.  Part 3 of the series of 3 on human
temporal lobe neurons.
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