*** Science Fair Project ***

Ghousuddin Syed al739 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Mon Aug 2 19:27:18 EST 1993

Hi,  I'm looking for a science fair project idea.  Something to do
Medicine & Computers.  I'd like to write some kind of a program to
or even create the data to be analyzed to conclude the project.  I
have any ideas on which I can do such research please send me some
Thanks in advance.

-Ghousuddin Syed
I only program DOS machines for money.  I only use DOS machines as dumb
terminals or newsreaders.  I forbid anyone to say "TSR" or "memory
model" in my house.  I force all DOS machines that I encounter to
understand "cp", "mv", "rm" and "vi".  Any questions?

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