Cholinesterase and Alzheimer's

Tony Buckland buckland at ucs.ubc.ca
Thu Aug 5 11:57:37 EST 1993

 My apologies if you are reading this in a group where you consider
 the subject matter is inappropriate; I'm posting to try to get
 information for someone who doesn't have access to the net, on a
 subject with which I have no familiarity.
 My friend would like to get in touch with current research
 concerning choline and its relationship to Alzheimer's.  Specifically,
 he is interested in the breakdown of cholinesterase and/or choline,
 and any connection with the onset of Alzheimer's as a result.
 He says there is a group of nerve-gas-derived insecticides which 
 might cause the breakdown in question, in particular malathion,
 gutathion and parathion [spelling mistakes should be attributed to
 me].  The connection with Alzheimer's appears to concern the
 amount of choline present at synapses.
 If anyone could point me at a group, or groups, where I could
 get hold of some discussion at the pre-publication level - or
 if anyone could suggest some other sources - I'd be grateful
 for e-mail responses (I don't regularly access any of the
 groups I'm posting to) which I could pass on to my friend.  Thanks.

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