Position in Neuromodelling

correges philippe correges at medsun.unige.ch
Tue Aug 10 04:00:46 EST 1993

Position available at the postdotoral level in :   
in the Dipartement de Pharmacologie, CMU, 1211 Genhve 4  
and in Dipartement d'Informatique,  
Universiti de Genhve, 1211 Genhve 4, Switzerland.

Position for a minimum of 2 years (beginning 1/10/1993;  
salary: between 72'000.- and 79'000.- Swiss Frs per year). 
Subject:  Neuromodelling of synaptic activity and plasticity   
The candidate will have to develop a neuromodelling approach  
of the functioning of synapses in the nervous system. The model  
will be based on realistic parameters obtained by morphological    
and electrophysiological analyses of synapses in a peripheral  
system (Torpedo electric organ) and in hippocampal organotypic  
cultures. The aim of the model will be to evaluate and propose  
hypotheses about the mechanisms of  synaptic transmission and  
plasticity (long-term potentiation) which might be tested at  
the physiological level. This information will then be used to  
elaborate a realistic neuronal network model of the hippocampal  
region.  Active interactions with both the members of the  
Dipartement de Pharmacologie and the Dipartement d'Informatique  
will be necessary for a successful development of this  
neuromodelling approach.  
Strong background in neuromodelling is required.   
Information: Dr. D. Muller, Dipartment de Pharmacologie,  
CMU, 1211 Genhve 4, Switzerland, til. (022) 702 5434,  
fax (022) 702 5452, E-mail: correges at medsun.unige.ch 

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