glutamate & blood-brain-barrier

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>I am looking for references documenting whether glutamate crosses the
>blood-brain-barrier in adult animals (preferably rats, but other species
>would help).  Thanks in advance. CU.

Just a quick-and-dirty reference, the first book I grabbed off the shelf:

from _Basic Neurochemistry_, Siegel G et al., eds.
Betz AL, Goldstein GW, Katzman R (1989) "Blood-Brain-Cerebrospinal Fluid
Barriers" (chap 30, p. 598):

"...[E]ssential amino acids that serve as precursors for catecholamine and
indolamine synthesis are readily transported into brain (L system), whereas
amino acids synthesized by brain, including those amino acids which act
as neurotransmitters, are not only limited in their entry but are actively
transported out of the brain (A system)."  [Emphasis mine.  L=luminal
system, that is, carriers on the luminal side of the BBB; A=abluminal
system, i.e., those on the 'brain' side of the BBB.]

Hope this helps; any discussion?

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