Drug Recipe Reference

RAY LOPEZ b057rayl at utarlg.uta.edu
Mon Aug 16 13:15:00 EST 1993

My thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my previous posting
on this topic.  It seems that such a reference work does not exist, but
there is a need for one.  I got no less than 10 requests for any information
that I could turn up on locating a drug reference for lab animals.

Someone did mention a reference work entitled _Drug Dosage for Laboratory
Animals_ but I have not looked into it yet.  I also got a lot of letters
suggesting that I look at the methods sections of other papers in which
the drugs are being used.  THis is of course what I have always done, but
as most of you know, sometimes it is difficult to find a paper in which
good descriptions of drugs and their vehicles are given, not to mention
the fact that often I have come across several different recipes for the
exact same drug, and it is difficult to know which of the recipes would 
be best for my purposes.

Anyway, thanx to all who replied, and best wishes.

Ray Lopez
University of Texas at Arlington

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