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You can try the old standards, such as Gould, or you might
contact BIOPAC Systems, Inc., 275 S. Orange Ave, Goleta, CA
93117,  805-967-6615.

I just purchased a 16-channel system from them for about
$12k, and have been having very good results.
There are a number of place you can go
Grass Instruments in Boston

Neurodat a Mac base eeg system in Califronia
has software and good cheap amps for rat studies or for humans
prices vary. Jack Johnstone at Neurodata 
1-800-543-3919 They have a europe man Michical Goldberg but he is in ?

Neuro-scan out of arlington VA. telephone ?
Steve Sand started this company with Ron Wright the manager

These system are made for the reseacher.

Here are some names off the top of my head.  If you
need more info email me again and I can probably
get more, including addressses.  There are
lots of companies out there.  Much depends on
what you will use them for.

EEG amplifiers:

Grass (probably the most widely used -- they offer
	a collection of amps called the Neurodata
	system that is compact and easy to use).

SynAmps (offered by the Neuroscan company who also
		offers extensive eeg acquisition software).

Nicolet (used a lot in clinical settings)

EEG sensors (elecrtrodes):

Electro-cap international (a nylon stocking cap with
		electrodes sewn into it...very easy to use).

Beckman (individual cup electrodes - takes time to locate
		the standard electrode positions by hand).
		even if you have an electrode cap, 
		you'll need a few individual electrodes
		to supplement it.)

Med Associates (they make disposable electrodes...good if you're
		worried about disease transmission in the
You didn't ask, but good EEG 
acquisition software is hard to come by, but
the Neuroscan company is the biggest.  Another
company is InStep (worth looking into).
Try: 	Nicolet Biomedical Instruments
	5225-4 Verona Rd
	PO BOX 4287
	Madison, WI, USA 53711
	(609) 271-3333
	(subsidiary offices world-wide)

These guys will sell anything you need, including complete set-ups.

It's also possible to build your own set-up.  With any descent personal
computer or workstation, a multi-channel D/A board, a high-grade multi-channel
amplifier, and some software, you can set up your own system.  The advantages
are price and flexibility (the computer and D/A board aren't "dedicated" to
EEG recording, as they are in the "package" systems).  Disadvantages
are: you need to know more about what you're doing (not necessarily a 
disadvantage :-) and you need the software.  I'm not sure what's availible
commercially, but you could ask around about it.  If you go this route,
you'll still need to contact Nicolet or some other electro-phys company
to get the electrodes and electrode paste.

A possible source for D/A boards:  (NOTE: some boards already have adequate
amplifiers buit-in- just add electrodes!  You can figure out if an amp
is adequate by calculating your expected signal strength, desired resolution,
and desired range then comparing to the bord's specs.)

	National Instruments
	6504 Bridge Point Parkway
	Austin, TX 78730-5039
	(512) 794-0100
	(w/ many world offices)

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