Graduate study in neuroscience

W. Bradley Rittase rittase at wam.umd.edu
Mon Aug 16 16:05:05 EST 1993


I am a junior psychology major interested in a neuroscience program or 
biopsychology type program for graduate school.  I am wondering if anyone could
give me information concerning:

1. What schools are well known in neuroscience (I know many California schools
   well know for neuro- and cog-sci.)  What these certain schools "specialize"
   on within the field.

2. What would be good prerequisite type classes to take now to get into a
   neuroscience program in general and to a specific program that you may 
   know of.

3.  How difficult it is to(ie. what is required to) get into any neurosci.
    program or one that you know of.  How difficult is it to get a fellowship.

4.  Who do I get in touch with to find out more at the school you know of and
    how.  Also, how and who do I try to get info. from at schools in Cal. such
    as UCLA, UCSD, UC berkley, USC.

5.  Does anything know how Pepperdine is for neurosci.

Lemme tell you more about me.  I am fairly certain I would like to try to get
into Neurosci.  If this fails I would like to get into any biopsych program.
If that fails, I am interested in cog sci (I know about sci.cognitive).  A
friend told me that the classes she took in cognitive psychology were concerned
with much of the physiology & bio-type processes in the brain.  I did not get 
that feeling from the memory and cognition class that I am taking now.  
Also, the only plans I have sortof set in my mind for future classes are:
intro. biology course, cell bio, one year of physics, and a neurophys. class.
I would like to take a biochem class also.  I have taken the intro chem class 
and a one semester organic chem class.  Is it critical that I take 2 semesters
of o-chem?  I intend to take 2 or 3 psyc labs (Learning and Motivation, Sensory
Processes and one other possibly Cognitive Processes).  I am also intending to
take one or two linguistics courses and a few philosophy courses.  Right now
I have some flexibility as to the road I want to take to grad school and am
pondering the possibility of a cog. psyc. program, but am primarily thinking
neurosci and am willing to go all out to do that (hoping it won't be impossible)Also, I would like to graduate in four more semesters.  
I would appreciate any advice.  You can email me at rittase at wam.umd.edu or
just reply to this post (doesn't matter to me, I'm easy).
Thanks in advance.

Brad Rittase

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