Graduate study in neuroscience

BARSTOW, DOUGLAS GREY JR dgb5221 at zeus.tamu.edu
Wed Aug 18 16:27:00 EST 1993

In article <24osq1$8i1 at cville-srv.wam.umd.edu>, rittase at wam.umd.edu (W. Bradley Rittase) writes...
>I am a junior psychology major interested in a neuroscience program or 
>biopsychology type program for graduate school.  I am wondering if anyone could
>give me information concerning:
>1. What schools are well known in neuroscience (I know many California schools
>   well know for neuro- and cog-sci.)  What these certain schools "specialize"
>   on within the field.
Check "Neuroscience Programs"
>2. What would be good prerequisite type classes to take now to get into a
>   neuroscience program in general and to a specific program that you may 
>   know of.
Biochem, organic, physiology, and behavioral neuroscience are all good.
>3.  How difficult it is to(ie. what is required to) get into any neurosci.
>    program or one that you know of.  How difficult is it to get a fellowship.
It's a lot easier if you have research experience!!!
>4.  Who do I get in touch with to find out more at the school you know of and
>    how.  Also, how and who do I try to get info. from at schools in Cal. such
>    as UCLA, UCSD, UC berkley, USC.
Check the publication "Neuroscience Programs" for info on specific programs.


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