Image analysis: in situ, gel

Dag Stenberg stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
Sat Aug 21 02:19:21 EST 1993

We are purchasing a moderately priced image analysis system for:
- densitometry and grain counting from chosen ROIs of microscope slides
(in situ mRNA in dark-field, and immunocytochemistry), including
low-magnification views of whole sections of rodent brain, kidney etc.
- densitometry of gels

We plan to grab from a Nikon Labophot microscope/light table with macro
lens respectively, using either a Dage/MTI CCD-72E or a Sony XC-77. For
the rest, PC or Mac does not matter. Density calibration capability is
essential, as export of the worksheet.

[We will have a separate system for ion measurements & FISH in another
lab, and are going to spend only about $15,000 on this moderate system,
including microscope and computer]

My question concerna software for grabbing and analysis.

Not being impressed with JAVA (PC), we have tested NIH Image (Mac), 
which is probably nearly satisfactory, save for some problems with memory
management in a Mac IIsi, which may be due to inexperience. We have used
the very expensive Image-1 and are not happy. Also, I have looked at 
demos of ImagePro, Global Lab, AxoVision, Optimas. For economical
reasons, MCID, Argus, Quantimet etc. are excluded.

I am trying to decide between an IPLab (Mac) or OPTIMAS (PC).
Which will do the jobs more easily, in view of the thousands of slides
and gels to be studied each year?

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